Terms of Use


  1. We welcome you to the website of Fattal Terminal owned by Fattal global terminal (2015) LTD EIN 515310290 (hereinafter “The Company”). access to use of the Site is subject to the conditions set out below (hereinafter: “terms of use”). 
  2. Part of the content of the Site and/or these regulations are formulated in a male form for convenience, but all the contents of the regulations and the site are intended for both men and women.
  3.  The website allows to purchase services that are provided by the company or / and by other services provided by the Company and /or by suppliers with whom the Company works as detailed in the website (hereinafter “SERVICES”).
  4. The purchaser and/or interested in purchasing services through the site or through the Reservation Center and /or any user of the Site (hereinafter “The Purchaser” and/or “The User”) confirm and hereby declare that he has read the rules below and agrees to its terms without limitation and the company and/or any person acting on his behalf shall have no direct and/or indirect claims and/or claim against the Site and/or any of its operators and/or its owner and/or its management and/or anyone on their behalf.
  5. It is clarified that changes and/or corrections may apply in terms of use. You are requested to check the terms of use at any entrance to the site. Please return to this page from time to time to review the latest version of the agreement. We reserve our rights to change or correct in any other way the agreement, at any time, according to our sole discretion and without any warning. if you continue browsing the site, or using it, it confirms acceptance the corrected terms of use.
  6. Ordering services provided by the company can be made through the website or the reservation center of the Company and the provisions of these regulations will apply to the orders both through the website and through the reservation center. 
  7. Ordering services and / or products provided by third parties including agree to terms, limitations and other rules. Ordering the Services constitutes acceptance and commitment to all of these Terms of Use.
  8. The title of the section is presented for convenience and will not be used for interpretations of the articles.
  9. Any person may use the Site, subject to the following cumulative conditions: 
    1. The user is qualified to perform binding legal actions.
    2. The user is 18 years old and above.
    3. . The user has a valid credit card for purchase products and services in this site. Precondition to agreement approval is a transaction confirmation from the credit company. 
    4.  The user has a valid Israeli identity card or passport, or a foreign passport.
    5. The use of the site is for making legit orders for the user or behalf others whom for them you duly authorized to act.
    6. You will use this site only to make legitimate orders for you or for another person or persons for whom you are duly authorized to act
    7.   The user will notify such other persons as to the terms and conditions applicable to the orders you have made on their behalf, including all applicable rules and restrictions
    8. The use of the site will be in honesty and according to these terms of use and without to derogate from the aforesaid, the use will be done subject to any law and in according to the company guidelines and/or someone behalf.
    9. to inform those others about conditions and conditioning on reservations, that you intend to do in their name and on their behalf, including all rules and limitations are apply to them.
    10. Any information provided by the user in this site is correct, accurate, updated and complete. Accordingly, known to the user that he will bear responsibility to all payments we deserve on orders you made or by another person who used your login details, from the moment we will we will charge a fee.  
  10. The Company shall not be responsible for the content and essence of the information presented and published on the Website, originating from any third parties, and the User shall have no claim and / or claim and / or demand against the Company.
  11. The User may make use of this Site solely for ordering and purchasing the Services and / or receiving information from the Company. No other use may be made of the site or its contents, without the prior written approval of the company.


  1. A user who wishes to purchase services through the Site will be required to enter details as required on the Website (hereinafter: “the Purchase Details”).
  2. The Company shall be entitled to prevent any user from using the Website and to make any order in any of the following cases:
    1. If the company believes that the user has given false and / or intentionally incorrect information. It is clarified that entering false purchase details is a criminal offense and that the Company will be entitled to take all the means available to it under any law against the person submitting the false details of the purchase.
    2. If the company believes that the User has committed an act and / or omission that harms and / or is likely to harm the Company and / or any third parties, including the Site’s customers
    3. If the company believes that the user has made illegal use of the site and / or made use of the site’s services to perform an illegal act and / or to facilitate, and/or encourage the execution of such an act.
    4. If the company believes that the user has violated the terms of these regulations and / or any other agreement with the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf.
    5. The user’s credit card has been blocked or restricted to use in any way.
  3. A preliminary condition for executing any order is obtaining the approval of the credit card company for the payment that the user undertakes. 
  4. After placing the order, the user will receive a notification through the system that confirming the correctness of the order, all its details and will include the order number. 
  5. For the avoidance of doubt it shall be clear that the order is final only upon receipt of final written approval. If the user does not receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order, he is responsible for contacting the telephone call center by telephone and to find out why, and to arrange all that is required details for obtaining such approval. 
  6. The Company shall not be liable of any event that the details of the purchase were not absorbed into the system and / or partially absorbed and / or any technical problem of any kind and / or any other problem that prevents the user from purchasing the services through the site. 
  7. It is hereby clarified that the Company and / or any of its owners and / or its managers and / or any of its employees and / or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any mistake made by the user in typing the details of the purchase, Date and any other service ordered by the user through the site, and the user hereby declares that he will have no claim and / or claims and / or demand in this regard towards them. 
  8. The Company may refuse to approve any Reservation request for any reason, at its sole discretion and without having to explain its decision, and the User shall have no claim and / or claims and / or demand against the Company in this matter.

Cancellation Policy 

    1. Making changes to the purchase made on the site can be done through the website or through  our representative, at the company’s call center: 037790900 or by email at reservations@fattal-terminal.com 



  1. Order can be changed or canceled without cancellation fees up to 24 hours prior to the date of receiving the service.
  2. .
  3. Cancellation or change within 24 hours prior to the date of receipt of the service will be charged a full cancellation fee (total order value)
  4. The determinant date of the change / cancellation shall be the date the notice was received, subject to the Company’s approval and confirmation for receiving. 
  5. The Company reserves the right to terminate at any time, at its sole discretion, the sale / purchase on the Site, in whole or in part, including but not limited to, any of the following cases:
    1. If it turns out that illegal activity has taken place or is being carried out on the site.
    2. If there was a communication failure and / or a technical malfunction that prevented or could have prevented a particular purchase.
    3. In the case of force majeure acts of war, hostility or terror that prevent the Company from knowing the continuation of the sale, its execution or the realization of the order.
    4. If there is a mistake in the description of the services, the terms of the services, the terms of the order, and / or in the event of an error in entering the sales data and / or entering the user’s data.
    5. In any case where an act has been taken contrary to these regulations.
  6. Notification of such cancellation or suspension shall be given to the User and / or the Purchaser, and the Company shall refrain from charging the User’s credit card and refunding any amount paid for the Service he purchased, insofar as it was paid.


  1. Payment for an order placed on the site will be made by the credit card belonging to the user.
  2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to determine special payment arrangements for customers of its choice, including arrangements for payment by various options from a credit card.
  3. The prices stated on the site are in dollars and the amount payable will be calculated according to the exchange rate set by the Bank of Israel on the date of payment.
  4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are regular customers who make an invoice payment, for which the amount payable will be calculated according to the dollar exchange rate set by the Bank of Israel the day before the invoice is issued.
  5. The prices shown on the site include VAT.
  6. The Company may change all prices published on the Site at any time and without giving any notice and the Purchaser waives any claim and / or claims against the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf in this matter.


  1. The User is aware that all the information, data and documents that he has provided and / or will deliver to the Company or anyone on its behalf, including his personal details, may be entered in a database registered in the name of the Company, subject to the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law.
  2. The User declares that all of the above details have been given by him willingly and with full consent, without any legal obligation to do so.
  3. User declares and warrants that an order made on behalf of and for another person was made with the consent and / or full knowledge of that person to place the order for him and that the person for whom the order was made is informed and agrees to all terms of the order and /or the terms of use of the website.
  4. The Company sends promotional mailings including benefits and offers to its customers. At the time of placing an order on the site, the user is required to express his consent. In any case, the user reserves the right to request the termination of the mailings and the Company undertakes to honor this request.

Limitation of Liability

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any damage and / or expense and / or loss that will be caused to the Client as a result of the cancellation and / or changes of orders caused directly or indirectly by force majeure, war, military operation, security situation, Flooding, weather, and any other reason which is not under the control of the Company and / or its liability, whether expected or unexpected.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any injury and / or damage and / or expense and / or loss and / or accident and / or delay caused to the user as a result of the acts / omissions of a third party providing the service including but not limited to: And / or hotels and / or VIP lounges and / or service providers in Israel and / or abroad.
  3. The Company is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by the use of the Site and / or the experience of such use, including use for the purpose of ordering the Services and / or information, and the User shall have no claim and / or demand in connection with this matter. 
  4. The Company and / or any of its owners and / or its managers and / or any of its employees and / or anyone acting on their behalf shall not be responsible for adapting the information to the user’s needs and are not responsible to the user for his inability to use the information for any reason whatsoever and it is the user responsibility for the manner in which he is Uses information.
  5. In accordance with the provisions of Section 19 of the Statute of Limitations, 5718-1958, the Client agrees that he will not be entitled to file any claim against the Company and / or anyone on its behalf in connection with the ordering of the services ordered after one year has passed from the date of the order.

Proprietary rights

  1. We or our suppliers own all trademarks, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights on this site. You cannot copy, change, fix, publish, broadcast, spread, sell or transfer any data in this site; and/or the basic software code entire or partially without our approval in writing. Yet, this site content can be download, printed or copy for your personal use which is not commercial use. 


Additional condition

  1. These Terms of Use, including its interpretation, enforcement and / or any action or dispute arising from it, shall be performed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel
  2. Any claim, demand will be forwarded in writing to the Company’s address. 
  3. The Company may change from time to time the structure of the Site, its contents, appearance, terms of use, scope and availability of the services offered therein, and any other aspect connected with the Site and its operation, without any need to inform the Purchaser in advance and at its sole discretion.
  4. Company address: Igal Alon 94 Tel Aviv
  5. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to prevent from any person, browsing this site and/or receiving of the services in this site, and this at any time and any reason including but not limited, because Violation of these Terms of Use.
  6. The personal information you provide by using this site, will be used according to our privacy policy.
  7. The company entitled to stop at any time launch the site for limited time or permanently, without any notice and without receiving the user consent.
  8. This agreement and other legal notices, conditioning, and terms of use, policies and our guidelines in this site or connected to this agreement, are entire agreement between us, regarding your use in this site. This agreement increases all understanding or other agreements (orally or in writing), claims and displays of the parties regarding the agreement’s subject.
  9. This site may include links to other websites. We are not responsible to any information, matters, products or services on these sites.  Browsing and using these websites is at your own risk.
  10. Your approach to the software and other materials and using them in this site or through it, is at your own risk. We don’t take any responsibility for the software reliability, stability or virus cleanliness.
  11. While browsing the website you should use advanced browser get the best experience and for customized and optimal visibility during the purchase process. Also certain browsers may suggest keeping your credit card details. For your information the data is not saved in the company databases and your acceptance to keep details is on your own risk.
  1. You entitle to use this site only accordingly to these terms of use and only for legal objectives subject to the Israeli law from any place you browse.
  2. Without prejudice to any of our other rights (by virtue of law or other rights) we keep to ourselves the privilege: to cancel your reservations without approaching to you; and/or deny you access to this site, if we think (According to our absolute discretion) that you violate any term from these conditions.
  3. The activity in this site and any legal grounds arising out of the use of the site, including the validity and interpretation of the terms of use, will be subject to Israeli law only, and the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute relating to this site and its use will be vested in the competent courts in Tel Aviv.